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 And Thus Always to the Tyrants . . .

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The Unforgiven
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The Red Spider
The Unforgiven

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PostSubject: And Thus Always to the Tyrants . . .   November 7th 2014, 5:47 am

The Strong survive, while the weak perish.

NBK has never been seen to be weak. Strength in NBK was never in rank, but in UNITY.

This round NBK will show a new level of unity, where for one round we will play a unified race. The aim is to be the clan to cross the power level and hold it.

It will be tough, there are a lot of clans who are going to hit just for the sake of it. But we will be the best.


"Poverty without complaint is hard, just as wealth with arrogance is easy."
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And Thus Always to the Tyrants . . .
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