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 NBK - The Victorious!

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PostSubject: NBK - The Victorious!   NBK - The Victorious! Icon_minitimeMay 19th 2009, 2:54 am

The Messenjah said that we would make a name for ourselves this round. And what a start we have!

We just emerged victorious from a 2 on 1 clan battle for clan ranking. A 2 on 1! And for something important, no less! It was not a silly trifle over lost gold, or two guys throwing AP at each other until each clan is dragged into it. An official statement of war was delivered, and now it has officially ended.

Now, another way we helped make a name for ourselves was the fact that we not only won the war, but in the process, we GAINED power from what we were at before the war started. A clan gained power during a war, and a war in which we were outnumbered 2 to 1 in members! That's a total of twice the amount of AP we could have hoped to use, yet we still brought home the bacon!

I say there are three places where honor is due.
1.) The Messenjah
For guiding us to our first victory of the round, I say you deserve our respect and honor as a great leader! Without you Mess, none of this would have been possible, and without your war guidance we very well could have lost this one! w00t for Mess!

2.) The Lower Portion of the Clan
For putting up with waves of AP from our enemies, you all stuck it through and didn't give up. I had only a few attacks coming at me, but some of you have posted your attack logs, and I congratulate you on sticking through it to the end! Great job!

3.) The New Members
You joined us during a time of war, and for that I give you thanks. It is hard to acclimate to a new clan, but acclimating to a clan as enemies are pounding you with AP takes not only guts, but courage! Welcome!

I look forward to the next challenge where NBK gets to prove it's mettle and show it's might! Only through the fires of combat and the frozen tundra of battle will we become stronger and smarter, more and more adept to claim our spot as a dominant clan! Hail clanmates! Hail Mess! Hail NBK!

bobthedragon1 wrote:
I know who we need... Leseyk Smile

And now you've got your wish! Mwa ha ha ha!
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PostSubject: Re: NBK - The Victorious!   NBK - The Victorious! Icon_minitimeJune 17th 2009, 6:30 pm

Good job guys, and it's from TEA that I have confidence in our group to take on another much larger target, and thus far we are taking it to them, if we persist we can even close that 300k gap :p

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NBK - The Victorious!
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